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Piazza Guido Compagna 1, 87064 Corigliano Calabro (COSENZA)
cosenza, calabria, Italy

Category: Villa&Castle

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History: Built up from Roberto the Guiscardo in the second half of the eleventh century (a lot probably around 1073), the castle of Corigliano made part of the driven in net of fortifications with which the king normanno it controlled the insofferenti cities and populations. It was a stocky fortress profit only for the shelter of the lookouts and the guards. In the course of the centuries, while, the fortress came more and more modifying its original aspect. Already Roberto Sanseverino, conte of Corìgliano from 1339 to 1351, had made to construct to the inside of the side south a series of rooms for being able to you to reside decorous. In the period in which Ferdinand of Aragon it embezzled the feudo to Sanseverino (1487-1501), the castle, for defensive requirements, came strongly consolidated, by solid towers.

Visitabile: Si, tutti i giorni compresi il sabato e la domenica. Chiuso Lunedì non festivo.

Orario Invernale: ore 9.00 - 13.00. 15.00 - 18.00.
Orario Estivo: ore 9.00 - 13.00. 16.00 - 19.00.

Prenotazione consigliata tel. (+39.)983.81635


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