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Celadon Laboratories Inc

Suite 521, 6525 Belcrest Road
Hyattsville, MD, USA

Category: Bioinformatics/Genomics/Proteomics/Pharmacogenomics

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Celadon Laboratories Inc is a developer of web-based software products for the design of nucleic acid primers and probes. It was founded in 1999 by Raymond J. Peterson. The company's goal is to cure disease through the design of more effective research and therapeutic oligonucleotides.

Celadon ProbeITy(TM) is web-based software for multi-method, oligonucleotide design for assay and other molecular biology techniques. Its GenoTyper(TM) is web-based multiplex analysis software for research and clinical genotyping. Easily configurable for any genotyping kit or platform, it implements a wide variety of features for allele and genotype calling, assay optimization, clinical interpretation and other data handling, with assay protocols derived from package inserts or researcher origination. The company's Immuno-Fit(TM) automates analysis of immunoassay assays from instrument to electronic health record.

Celadon seeks to improve oligonucleotide technology in order to make genomic methods simpler, faster, more efficient, and more accurate. It has conducted original research on Locked Nucleic Acids (LNA) with the goal of better designing primers and probes, especially for high-throughput and multiplexing applications which is supported by the U.S. National Cancer Institute and by the State of Maryland. The company's ProbeITy software applies modified nucleic acid technology to one or all of the oligonucleotides in the assay. It has licensed its software to vendors of proprietary genomic analysis methods, to provide fast, easy-to-use, web-based software that facilitates customers' assay design and purchasing process.

Celadon's partners include: Capital Genomix, Inc, LabVantage Solutions, Inc, National Institutes of Health, Proligo LLC, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation and The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.