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Cellogenetics, Inc

10075 Tyler Place, Suite 6
Ijamsville, MD 21754, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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Cellogenetics, Inc provides gene discovery tools and molecular and cell biology laboratory services to academic and governmental research institutions to improve human condition.

Cellogenetics' Gene discovery services include: Design & construction of retrovirus based shRNA gene silencing vectors; Full length cDNA construction and subcloning in selected expression vectors; cDNA mutagenesis and creation of constitutively active or dominant negative cDNA mutants; and Mouse targeting vector design & construction.

Cellogenetics' Gene Discovery Tools include: cDNA clones and mutants, shRNA vectors, Luciferease transcription reporters and RT-PCR primer sets. It offers luciferase transcription reporters for assaying gene pathway activity.