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Cellona Therapeutics

c/o Flax, Book & Co.
Highland, MD, USA

Category: Pharmaceutical

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Cellona Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company engaged in developing and commercializing targeted cancer drugs designed to inhibit signaling proteins that are critically involved in the growth and survival of human cancers. Its mission is to develop and commercialize targeted therapeutics to improve survival paradigms in cancer patients. The company was founded by Beth Lowenthal and Wendy Tsai.

Cellona Therapeutics' lead oncology compounds target novel signaling pathways, and have potential indications in very large therapeutic markets with considerable unmet needs. Its strategy focuses on inhibition of the RAS signaling pathways and family of onco-proteins in cancer cells. The company's oncology compounds offer potent and selective inhibition of onco-proteins that control signaling pathways that regulate cancer growth. Its lead compound CT-10 is a new class of small molecule GGTase inhibitor designed to inhibit RAS and attenuate function and signaling of the RAP1 and RHO A/C cancer proteins and blocks cross-prenylation.

Cellona Therapeutics has an agreement with Duke University.