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Cellphire, Inc.

9430 Key West Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Blood Products

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Cellphire, Inc. is a biotechnology R&D company focusing on developing stabilized cellular materials for advanced technologies in the therapeutic and diagnostic markets. It was established in 2006 as a spinout of Adlyfe, Inc. Its efforts and product development are aimed towards stabilized platelets for advanced wound care, transfusion and reagent products for clinical and research diagnostics. The company's strategic focus is on neurodegenerative diagnostics development.

Cellphire has developed a proprietary method for the stabilization of blood in dry state. The company is developing freeze-dried stabilized platelets for hemostasis and wound-healing therapies, and as a control reagent for platelet function diagnostics. It is stabilizing and modifying platelets into a product that can be stored well beyond the limit of 5-7 days. Platelets are often in short supply because of this extremely short shelf life which then causes problems in the treatment of cancer patients and actively bleeding surgical or trauma patients.

Cellphire's first platelet stabilization product is Thrombogent(TM), an easily rehydrated platelet product for use as a control reagent for hematology and clinical diagnostic analysis and drug development. The company's second product is Thromboderm(TM), an advanced freeze-dried, platelet based topical hemostatic agent that enables clotting, sealing and wound healing in the same application. Its Thromboderm(TM) can be incorporated with a variety of healing materials such as collagen and/or different types of polymers and applied through a dry bandage. Its Thrombosomes(TM) are freeze-dried, fully functional platelet transfusion hemostatic agents targeted for cardiopulmonary bypass and emergency trauma and in indications that require costly coagulation therapies and be packaged in a dry powder ready for immediate use or for long term stockpiling.