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ChemPacific Corporation

6200 Freeport Centre
Baltimore, MD 21224, USA

Category: Chemistry; Specialty Chemicals

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ChemPacific Corporation is engaged in producing fine and custom chemicals for the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries. It is focused on research and development and small scale manufacturing. Its mission is to provide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates to meet each pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical customer's requirements for speed, safety, reliability, quality and value. The company's vision is to continually strive to be the best full service producer of fine and custom chemicals. It was founded in 1995 by Rebecca Chiu, Tony Liang and Chen Zhou.

ChemPacific manufactures bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and advanced synthetic intermediates to support clinical trial studies in various stages of product development research, including Phase I through Phase III clinical trials. The company's product portfolio includes: Norepinephrine bitartrate, (3R)-3-Pyrrolidinol, (3S)-3-Pyrrolidinamine, 2, 4-Difluorophenyl derivatives and 2, 3-Difluorophenyl derivatives. Its reaction capacities include: acetoacetylations, polymerizations, hydrogenations, imidizations, oxidations, sulfonations, saponifications, suspension polymerizations, reductions, aldol condensations, etc.

ChemPacific offers the following services that include: cGMP custom manufacturing services, contract research services, custom chemicals, process development and API manufacturing services. Its custom manufacturing business is a key supplier of custom and fine chemicals with extensive experience in the manufacturing of complex organic molecules. It has extensive resources in chemical analysis to develop, test and prove efficient new processes. The company's special capabilities include: cGMP manufacturing of APIs and intermediates for clinical trial supplies (at all phases) and commercial products; Process development, scale-up and optimization; Full process safety and hazard assessment; and Bulk handling of hazardous materials.