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Chesapeake Perl, Inc.

8510 A Corridor Rd
Savage, MD, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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Chesapeake Perl, Inc. (C-Pearl) is a custom protein production (expression and recovery) service provider. Its primary focus is to supply proteins to biotechnology communities from its production platform called the PERLXpress System. It was founded in 2000.

Chesapeake Perl's PERLXpress system is a unique, powerful protein expression platform that combines well-established recombinant baculovirus technology with mass oral infection of synchronous Trichoplusia ni larvae. The system is efficient and reproducible which results in high levels of expression of target proteins. In addition, PERLXpress is highly scalable, providing the opportunity for production of pilot and commercial quantities of functional proteins. The company's PERLXpress system offers greater speed, scalability and flexibility than traditional eukaryotic protein production systems. It employs baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) to produce recombinant proteins. The company's technologies include: Vector development, Protein expression, Protein production, Protein recovery, etc.

Chesapeake Perl's services include: Baculovirus Preparation, Baculovirus Screening for Optimal Expression, Protein Production in Insects and Protein Purification. It provides high quality, difficult-to-produce recombinant proteins from microgram quantities for physical or functional analysis through scaled production.