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Civilized Software Inc

12109 Heritage Park Circle
Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA

Category: Information Technologies; Health IT Services

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Civilized Software Inc is a developer of software for the pharmaceutical and biological industries. The company is the developer of MLAB (Modeling LABoratory), an advanced mathematical and statistical modeling system. It is especially designed to handle differential equation models.

Civilized Software offers various Data Analysis and Modeling Services. The company offers various versions of MLAB including: MLAB for PC (DOS, Windows3.1, Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux), Macintosh PPC(OS 8.x, OS 9, OS X-classic mode, OS X-native mode), older Motorola Macintosh systems, SGI, and NeXT (Motorola, Intel, and HP) platforms.

Civilized Software's MLAB helps the customers to perform various computations including: algebraic models, autoregression models, boundary-value problems, cluster analysis, contour maps, curve-fitting, data manipulation, deconvolution, definite integrals, delay terms, descriptive statistics, differential equations, differential equation-defined models, distribution function estimation, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, equation-solving, Fourier transforms, etc.