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Clanezzo 's castle-Hotel

Piazza Castello, 4
Ubiale Clanezzo, Lombardia 24010, IT
Phone:+39035641567-Fax +39 035 641251

Category: Villa&Castle

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According to some sources, the Castle was built around the first year of the 10th century by Ottone Leuco. Count of Almenno. The Castle was his second residence, particularly when events were against him. Thanks to its location the Castle is easy to defend: it is located on a hill at the base of which two rivers flow: tie Brembo (the main one) and the Imagna. Both protect the Castle from the east side. The Ubione mountain is rocky and difficult ground, but above all there was a fort on top defended by a small group of soldiers. On the death of Ottone, the Castle was owned by the Carminati and the Dalmasani in 1250. They were two powerfull families whose area of origin was Brembilla, a village located between a group of mountains that divided the Imagna and Brembana valleys. Nowadays the Castle has lost its aspect of fortification but still maintains many of the signs of its history in the structure and in its surroundings


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