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Clonexpress, Inc.

504 E.Diamond Ave, Suite G
Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Category: Gene/Cell Therapy; Stem Cells

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Clonexpress, Inc. offers a variety of stem cell lines and products for related research. The company strives to be a provider of all human CNS cells to research community and develops human CNS cells for therapeutic applications.

Clonexpress has developed a cell separation technology to identify and isolate specific cell types from various tissues and development of growth media for such specific cell types. These cells are used as primary cells for various applications or immortalized to obtain a continuous source of cells for drug discovery, high throughput screening (HTS), drug metabolism, toxicology, and cell therapy applications. The immortalized cell lines are isolated to ensure retention of almost all of the biochemical properties of corresponding cognate primary cell types.

Clonexpress works on various areas of development of cell systems for research and therapeutical applications which include: Expansion of Human Neuronal Precursor Cells (HNPC) and Development of Human Neuronal Cell Lines; Human Neuronal Precursor Cell Line (HNPCL); Microglial cells and cell lines (MG), Astrocytes and astrocyte cell lines; Matched pair of human neuronal precursor, astrocyte, and microglial cell lines; Human Dopaminergic Neurons (DAN); Neuronal precursor cells and cell lines from Down's syndrome; and Human hepatocyte, pancreatic beta cell lines.

Clonexpress' services include: custom development of cell lines and gene transfer. The custom development of cell lines includes the optimization of growth conditions for the cell type and development of several clones of immortalized cell lines. The company can isolate and characterize clones for expression of exogeneously introduced genes using procedures provided by the client.