Coal Miner's Stained Glass Window, Foundry United Methodist Church

1500 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20036, US

Category: Labor Art

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Foundry United Methodist Church has, in its vestry, a stained glass window presented in memory of John T. Jones by his colleagues of the United Mine Workers of America. The window depicts the Founder of Methodism, John Wesley, proclaiming his burning message to those who toiled in the coal pits. Coming up from the mines of his native Wales, Mr. Jones became a trusted leader in the ranks of organized labor in his adopted country, which he loved and served with ardent devotion. John T. Jones was an
honored official of Foundry Church, a joyful partner in its work and worship, giving generously of his time, talents, and substance to the welfare and to the cause of the Christian church in all the earth as he
practiced the creed of John Wesley--"The world is my parish."

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