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Columbus Planning Division - Mayor's Office

109 N Front St
Columbus, OH 43215, US

Category: PARKs

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PARK(ing) Day 2009 Map

The Columbus Planning Division and the Mayor’s Office will be taking over a parking spot in front of the Planning office at 109 N. Front St (corner of Front & Spring). The City of Columbus is using PARK(ing) Day to help promote the proposed Parking Code changes. Some of the key changes include: required bicycle parking for most land uses; parking requirements will be lowered for several land uses; parking “caps” will be established for many land uses; the proposed changes call out the potential for interior landscaping to also serve the purpose of bio-retention or stormwater management; better accommodations for pedestrians through a requirement that sidewalks or striped crosswalks be provided from buildings to the public sidewalk system for walkers and bus riders; and more explicit allowance for pervious pavement.