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Consent Solutions Inc

228 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701, USA

Category: Clinical Trials Services (CRO); R&D Services

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Consent Solutions Inc is specialized in providing web-based electronic informed consent software for clinical research trials and investigational procedures. It was founded in 2005 with a mission to use its domain expertise in patient education to reduce the cost and time required to bring new drugs and medical therapies to market and to minimize the long-term expense caused by ineffective pre-procedure consent delivery.

Consent Solutions provides innovative approaches to improving the consent process through the use of electronic media. The company designs multimedia platforms for educating potential research participants and assuring their understanding of trials, and works with sponsors and trial staff to assure optimum presentation of trial information. Its SecureConsentâ„¢ is an affordable customizable web-based informed consent and clinical trial management tool that should be included in all clinical trial quality and compliance programs. The company's SecureConsentâ„¢ effectively delivers IRB approved consent information, minimizes consent related disputes, and helps sponsors & CRO's monitor recruitment efforts across multiple sites. Its interactive multimedia presentation combines audio, visual graphics, and interactive formats to effectively deliver the clearest information about participating in clinical trials and/or investigative procedures.

Consent Solutions has partnership with TransPerfect Trial Interactive.