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Correlogic Systems Inc

20271 Goldenrod Lane
Germantown, MD, USA

Category: Bioinformatics/Genomics/Proteomics/Pharmacogenomics

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Correlogic Systems Inc is engaged in the use of pattern recognition technologies for the development of proteomic, metabolomic and genomic based clinical prognostic and clinical diagnostic tests. Its mission is to advance the early identification of various cancers and other diseases, and to accelerate the new drug discovery process by applying its proprietary software to the development of proteomic and other biomarkers. The company was incorporated in 2000 by Peter J. Levine and Ben A. Hitt. 

Correlogic's core technology is its proprietary pattern recognition and pattern discovery software, the Knowledge Discovery Engine® (KDE). The KDE combines a simulation of neo-Darwinistic evolution with competitive, adaptive pattern mapping algorithms, and a method of determining cluster homogeneity. Proteome Quest is research application software derived from the KDE. It is designed specifically for the creation of computational biological state models. Its technology is developed specifically for the analysis of complex biological data sets containing thousands to millions of independent data points - such as those created by mass spectrometry, NMR, gene arrays, and highly multiplexed immunoassays. The company's technology can be used to combine the analysis of genomic and proteomic data streams to create a more comprehensive picture of a biological state or condition.

Correlogic's research areas include: Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Other Diseases. The company's products include: ProstaCheck® for prostate cancer; MammoCheck®, a blood test for detection of breast cancer; and colorectal cancer, a blood test for detection of colon cancer and potentially for colon adenomas (precancerous polyps). The company provides research and development tools and support services to the pharmaceutical, research and diagnostic communities.
Correlogic's partners include: Vermillion, Mitsui & Company, Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc, Jeol Ltd, Uniformed Services University, Advion Biosciences Inc, etc. The company's investors include: Quest Diagnostics, Inc., Mitsui & Co. Ltd, MASA Life Science Ventures and Ahn-Gook Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.