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Corte del Brenta

Via Padana in Mestre, 204
Venezia, Veneto 30030, IT
Phone +39 041 927582-

Category: B.B&Farmhouse

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Colonica room of XIX the century, today farm holidays, offers to break and lodging in the immediate vicinities of Venice, on the Coast of the Brenta, the coast of the villas venete. Court of the Brenta faithfully introduces like one typical colonica room of the campaign veneta, of which conserve still one splendid portion. The original forumetria, that is the external disposition of the windows and the points light, has been wise conserved and all the participations you turn to the structural recovery have been scrupulously analyzes you from the agency preplace to the safeguard of the cultural assets. Thanks to this attention, the restoration of the ancient present padronale house makes yes that the structure with the same face that it had at the moment of its first edificazione, going back the first years of the nineteenth century. The harmonic fusion of the colonico style Veneto with the ergonomics and the solidity of excellent contemporary finishes makes of bed & breakfast Short of the Brenta the ideal place where to pass a vacation to the standard of the genuinità and the typical style of a class farm holidays, without to renounce to the comforts that render the stay one pleasant pause of relax and culture. The external spaces Court of the Brenta has an open space of 51 hectares, in part cures to you like a wide garden equipped also for the small and, in the rear part the structure, as you live seeds to you to extensive cultivations. In the part limitrofa of the bottom portion of agroforestazione of poplars to short cycle is present one. It is moreover in phase of I realize originates them and didactic the botanical of native, typical and characteristic plants of zone rivierasca and adorn-lagoon garden veneta.


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