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Creatv MicroTech, Inc.

11609 Lake Potomac Drive
Potomac, MD 20854, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging; Research Services & Supplies

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Creatv MicroTech, Inc. is founded by Dr. Cha-Mei Tang, which is involved in microfabrication and biodetection. The company is involved in cutting-edge research and development that leverages in the sciences and engineering related to high-aspect-ratio microfabrication and ultra-sensitive biodetection. The company's fabrication of micro-metal and composite microstructures is unmatched and biodetection instruments are very sensitive, yet compact and easy to use. The mission of the company is to become a major supplier of diagnostic and analytical tools, reagents and services for the water, food, environmental, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Creatv's micro and nanofabrication techniques make metal, composite and polymeric micro and nanostructures. Its research collaborators include Argonne and Los Alamos National Laboratories. FabricationMaterials include: Copper, Nickel, Lead, Gold, Ceramic, Metal powder composites, Low melt alloys, SU-8 for molds, Polyester, polyimid, polycarbonate PMMA Solid, layers or combinations. Some of the examples of applications include: Imaging - X-ray anti-scatter grids, Nuclear collimators and Medical, Medical implants - Medical tools, Micropores/Microfilter, Nanopores/Nanofilter, Microfluidic chips and Industrial - MM-wave structures, Molds for replication.

Creatv has developed proprietary methods to fabricate high-aspect-ratio metal and tungsten composite grids and collimators. Its grids improve the clarity, resolution and contrast of x-ray images. Solid copper waveguides with copper substrates are fabricated with straight walls, precision flatness and height. Precision gold x-ray masks are fabricated in various geometries and thicknesses. Custom Fabrication Services include: SU-8 Molds for Microfluidics, Tungsten Composite Collimator and Copper Grid on Nanocrystalline Diamond. It supplies analytical tools for the medical, food, water, environmental, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Its research collaborators include USDA, NIH, and numerous universities. Tools include: CTC microfilters and test kits, Spectrofluorometer: Signalyte(TM)-II, Conjugated Glass Products, E. coli O157 Test Kits, Assay Development Services and Custom Detection Systems. Precision, high porosity microfilters for enrichment of circulating tumor cells. The enrichment takes only minutes, does not depend on antibody capture, and works with both living and fixed cells. Signalyte(TM)-II is an ultra-sensitive spectrofluorometer that is up to 1000 times more sensitive than a fluorescent plate reader. Glass slides, conjugated glass beads, capillary tubes and glass fibers for DNA, RNA, protein & cell capture, immunoassays, enzymatic assays, chromatography and more. Test kits for detection of pathogenic E. coli in water, food and environmental samples. The E. coli kits can be used with Signalyte(TM)-II and fluorescent plate readers. Creatv develops custom assays and reagents for PCR detection, as well as immunoassay and quantitation of proteins, bacteria, viruses, disease markers, toxins, spores and other biomarkers. The company develops custom flow-through in-line continuous pathogen detection instruments for process control, manufacturing and monitoring. Personalized Cancer Therapy and Disease Monitoring "Liquid biopsy" using circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional tissue biopsy to determine cancer therapy. Enumeration of CTCs is used to indicate prognosis and to monitor treatment. Isolation of CTCs by size exclusion is a widely researched technique to collect CTCs from patient peripheral blood. Its precision fabrication method produces microfilters, CellSieve(TM) with dense, uniform pores. Starter CellSieve(TM) kit: Test its microfilters. No instrument except a fluorescent microscope is required.