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Cybrdi Inc

14804 Physicians Lane, Suite 121
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Cybrdi Inc is a biotech company and a provider of tissue array products. The company collects various normal and diseased human tissues to manufacture hundreds of tissue microarrays. It enables to identify, verify and validate molecules of diagnostic and therapeutic importance.

Cybrdi produces some types of special TMAs to meet various research needs, which includes normal tissue screen, tumor screen, biopsy specimen, tumor progression, IHC controls, bone marrow plus prognostic TMAs with survival data and other clinical information. It also collects and reposits various fresh frozen and snap frozen specimens in a broad range from normal to different diseased donors. Most of tissues are collected within 30 minutes to ensure the highest and consistent quality.

Cybrdi services include: histo-pathology services, immunohistochemistry, special staining, antibody EC50/IC50 determination, CDC/ADCC assays, custom TMA development and primary cell establishment .

Cybrdi has alliances with BioServe and Genomics Collaborative, Inc. It is IRB compliance and OHRP registered.