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Cytonix, LLC

8000 Virginia Manor Road
Beltsville, MD 20705, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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Cytonix, LLC engaged in the manufacture of hydrophobic and oleophobic coating and additive products for life sciences, electronics, aerospace and communications. It was founded in 1985 by Elaine Lanza, Bruce Golden, Richard Schneider, Randal Armant and James Brown as CytoFluidics, Inc.

Cytonix's coating products include: FluoroPel(TM)- for hydrophobic, oleophobic and superhydrophobic suspensions and inks are based on polyperfluoroalkyl and perfluoropolyether polymers, having applications in health care, electronics, information, defense and aerospace; FluoroTac(TM) Perfluoro-Polyether (PFPE) adhesives- resistant to organic solvents and adhere to any surface, including polyolefins and PTFE over a broad temperature range; Fluorothane(TM)- for hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic fluorourethane coatings that have been proven to effectively reduce rain attenuation in aircraft, marine and ground radar and microwave communication systems; and FluoroSyl(TM) Perfluoro-Polyether (PFPE) and perfluoro-alkyl fluorosilanes- provide lubricity, water and oil repellency and fluoropolymer adhesion to metal and oxide surfaces. Its products FluoroPel, FluoroSyl, Fluorothane and FluorN are manufactured using telomer and perfluoropolyether chemistry. Its devices include: Fluid Transistor(TM)- For digital micro-manipulation of chemical & biological fluids; ‘-Cytometer(TM)- Disposable, precision capillary hemacytometers for counting particles and cells and for viewing emulsions; MetaCell(TM)- Resealable chamber and slide with hydrophobic mask for cell culture and diagnostics; ‘-Tools(TM)- Super-hydrophobic mask on films, slides, cover-slips, large-format plates and devices; ‘-Plates(TM)- Super-hydrophobic mask on films, slides, cover-slips, large-format plates and devices; NanoArrays(TM)- Micro, nano and pico-scale devices and arrays.

Cytonix formed the subsidiary Genomic Nanosystems to develop, license and commercialize IP in digital genomics in 2006. Genomic Nanosystems has agreement with Sequenom for digital PCR technologies and methods patents. It also has an agreement with National Institutes of Health (NIH).