Dal Pozzo 's Castle

Via Dal Pozzo, 24
Oleggio Castello, Piemonte 28040, IT
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The story of Oleggio Castello dates back to the year 900, when the remains of a Roman Castrum were uncovered. They were presumed to have been those of the V Legion. The castrum was known as the Q.Legio and from this name derive the subsequent variations of Olegio and Olezo, which in the year 1186 became Oleggio Castello, in honour of the Visconti Castle built on the remains around the year 1000. The Visconti left the shores of Lake Maggiore in the year 1277 to succeed to the title of Lords of Milan. This they held until the death of Filippo Maria in 1447.
In the following centuries, the Castello was left abandoned and allow to fall into a state of total disrepair. It was only towards the second half of the 18th century that the descendants of the family (who meanwhile had been made Dukes of Aragona by King Alfonso of Naples and Sicily), rebuilt a palace on the remains of the original Castello.

The Marquis Alberto Visconti d'Aragona, the last of his line, became involved in the revolt against the Hapsburg domination of Italy, known as the "moti carbonari". He was tried, convicted and condemned to death. His wealth and possessions, including the Castello, passed to his sister Virginia, wife of the Marquis Bonifazio, eldest son of the Dal Pozzo d'Annone family.

Their son Claudio (1839-1885), an art lover and connoisseur of the Arts and Crafts Movement headed by William Morris, redesigned and rebuilt the entire estate, turning it into the present day Victorian Neo-Gothic Revival building, set in its majestic surroundings.

For six generations it has been in the Dal Pozzo Family and is still today its principal seat.


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