Dracula The Poienari Fortress

Arges, Romania, RO

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On the valley of Arges, in the place well naturally fortified, rises the Poienari Fortress, placed quite eccentrically regarding the access to Wallachia from the North.The Fortress was mentioned for the first time in a document from 1453, and it used as a point of resistance againt Turks.During that period the fortification considered mainly in the rectangular tower added later to the fortress built there by Vlad The Impaler.In the Documents of the Office of Vallachia, the fortification appears only in 1481, at the same times as its castellan, called Ratea.The legend mentions that the Dracula, wanting to punish the tradesmen from Targoviste, took them in the Easter Day, sa well dressed up as they were, and forced them to help to the building of the fortress.They very short time, only one week, in wich they built The Poienari Fortress, is evidently exaggerated.But investigating the documents one can Vlad The Impaler was in Targoviste on Easter Day, dates that surprisingly correspond to the archaeological resarches.


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