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11490 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 320
Reston, VA, USA

Category: Clinical Trials Services (CRO); R&D Services

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DrugLogic is specialized in developing analytical tools for managing risks related to drug safety issues. It develops, designs and delivers products that provide state-of-the-art-solutions in support of pharmacovigilance and drug safety practices for both pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

DrugLogic's product portfolio includes: Qscan-Lifecycle - encompasses the drug safety world with its three part system - Qscan Clinical, Qscan Postmarket, and Qscan Medical, is a multi-source, multi-database, multi-statistic approach to risk management and mitigation strategy; Qscan Clinical - Optimize trials for the best safety position; Qscan Postmarket - Monitor drugs across a multi-database system; Qscan Medical - Allows for "active" surveillance and Quick accessibility to individual medical records.

DrugLogic's services include: Risk Management and Trending Analysis, Safety Surveillance Reporting and Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Consulting.

DrugLogic has partnerships with BioPharm systems, CSS Informatics, Oracle, Center for Drug Safety, United BioSource Corporation, etc.