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Dynasplint Systems, Inc.

River Reach, Suite W21, 770 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD 21146, USA

Category: Medical Devices

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Dynasplint Systems, Inc. is engaged in the development and marketing of aids that restores physical function and more importantly, quality of life to patients with joint stiffness and limited range of motion caused by injury, trauma, surgery or disease. Its mission is to achieve excellence by incorporating low-load, prolonged duration stretch (LLPS) technology into rehabilitative medicine.

Dynasplint's Dynasplint® Systems are bilateral spring loaded tensioning devices that help to increase joint range of motion (ROM) for patients experiencing ROM deficits due to shortened connective tissue while decreasing range of motion rehabilitation time and cost.

Dynasplint offers a wide range of human and veterinary products for the following categories: Orthopedic, Neurological, Ankle & Foot, Trismus, Carpal Tunnel, and Pediatric. Its product portfolio includes: Pronation Dynasplint® System, Wrist Flexion Dynasplint® System, Ankle Plantar Flexion Dynasplint® System, Infant Neurological Ankle Dorsiflexion Dynasplint® System, Equine Digital Dorsiflexion, Equine Fetlock Varus Valgus, Canine Hock Flexion, etc.