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Elder's Palace

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The Elders' Palace overlooking Brandale Square, the heart of medieval Savona. The fourteenth-century building, built to house the Abbot of the people, is dominated by the tower of Brandale (XI), better known as the "Campanassa" name even today the company culture is based on its premises. The building, by number of specimens is considered a real lapidary: inscriptions, marble reliefs, friezes, stone and slate from the old town and destroyed buildings dating from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. The atrium houses a bell dating from 1380. Upstairs are visible fragments of the original decoration with frescoes and paintings of Savona and Genoa School of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Outside the walled stone fragments are linked to the city's history. On the first ledge of the tower, twelve coats of arms are inserted ceramic Albisola (inserted during the restoration of 1931), representing the Lords who took turns in the centuries to Savona. Above the arms is dominated by the representation of Our Lady of Mercy of the ceramist James Raimondi.