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EPL Archives, Inc.

P.O. Box 1253
Sterling, VA, USA

Category: Information Technologies; Health IT Services

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EPL Archives, Inc provides GXP-compliant biorepository services and solutions. The company is focused on serving the global biorepository needs of clients in the discovery; pre-clinical research; clinical research, and manufacturing phases of biopharmaceutical development. . It was founded in 1978 by William Busey and John Ferrell. Its mission is to maximize the quality and extend the life of its clients' global biomaterials assets, research data and related manufactured goods through innovative, managed biorepository services and solutions.

EPL utilizes validated, 21CFR Part 11 compliant telemetry monitoring technology to monitor and manage environmental conditions throughout its facilities. The company's client biomaterials information is recorded in Oracle®-based GXP-compliant LabTrak(TM) materials management systems. The company also has extensive experience in bar-code programming, Oracle® database development, Microsoft® Access® development, documentation tools, and validation in regulated environments.

EPL provides biorepository services for physical and digital biomaterial assets in all required environmental conditions - from controlled room temperature (CRT) to cryogenic storage environments; specialized storage conditions and GXP compliant procedures for specialized media, radioactive, and hazardous biomaterials, etc. The company has extensive expertise in biobanking, biostorage and biomaterials archiving services and also provides extensive training to all employees including: GXP training; laboratory safety; chemical hygiene; blood-borne pathogens; radiation safety; and hazardous materials handling and shipping.

EPL's biorepository solutions include Best practices consulting - policies and procedures, retention scheduling, indexing and access, etc; Special Projects - facility design, shutdown & relocation, etc; Independent Audits - vendor assessments, inspection checklists, self assessments, etc; Biomaterial Escrow & Litigation Support.