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45600 Terminal Drive
Sterling, VA 20166, USA

Category: Analytical Services (CRO); Toxicology Services and Analysis; Clinical Trials Services (CRO)

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EPL Inc is recognized nationally and internationally for its ability to meet the demands of the scientific community and the challenges of safety testing and toxicologic pathology. It was founded in 1971. Its mission is to provide the highest quality service in the fields of pathology and related scientific services to our clients, create a positive work environment for employees, and generate growth and a reasonable return for its shareholders.

EPL's services are delivered by experienced scientific and technical personnel, either at its own state-of-the-art facilities or at the client's site. The company offers services in the departments of: 1) Toxicologic Pathology services which include: Necropsy; Mammalian, Avian and Aquatic Histology; Mammalian Pathology; and Avian and Aquatic Pathology; 2) Pathology consultation services include: Pathology Peer Review, Pathology Working Groups (PWG), Scientific Advisory Panels, Regulatory Consultation and Training Seminars; 3) Special Pathology services include: Digital Image Quantification and Morphometry, Immunohistochemistry, Neuropathology, Medical Devices, Developmental and Reproductive Pathology and Electron Microscopy; 4) Toxicology services include: Study Monitoring and Data Auditing, Toxicology Study Design and management, Report Preparation and Review. Its Pathology consultation provides toxicologic pathology support and interpretation of regulatory toxicology study data, as well as the more complex and demanding expertise required for Pathology Peer Review and management of Pathology Working Group panels.

EPL has developed several systems to meet client needs and their tightest deadlines. Its approaches include: checks and balances system for histopathology data handling and workflow, a data and tissue tracking system; Pathology Peer Review System; and the option of client-site services.

EPL has formed strategic alliance with Flagship Biosciences LLC to Provide Preclinical Pathology and Quantitative Services.