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Exponential Biotherapies, Inc.

Brunswick Building, #133, 7921 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA, USA

Category: Pharmaceutical

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Exponential Biotherapies, Inc. is a drug discovery and development company with a growing pipeline of novel small molecule drugs to treat a wide range of severe inflammatory disorders such as septic shock, kidney injury, radiation sickness and avian influenza infections.

Exponential Biotherapies has licensed a family of chemically synthesized biomolecules (the "compounds") that regulate the immune response. These biomolecules can either increase or decrease the activity of the immune system by affecting the activity of one or more of its component parts. Its compounds thus represent a new class of therapeutic agents and can be described as having modulating or controlling functions over the immune response - a capability that makes them clinically relevant for many important disease states that involve the immune system.

Exponential Biotherapies' product folio includes: EA-230, a tetrapeptide which has exerted renal protective effects in small animal studies. The company's drug pipeline addresses seven major clinical areas which include: SIRS/Sepsis, Radiation Sickness, Renal Failure - cardiovascular surgery, Renal Failure - transplantation, Renal Failure - septic shock, Anthrax and Avian Flu.

Exponential Biotherapies has partnerships with Hannover Medical School / Phenos GmbH, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Biotempt BV, EpiStem Plc and CatchMabs BV.