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Via Giacomo Matteotti 2
42042 Fabbrico Reggio Nell'emilia, Italy, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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The complex of the Guidotti castle in I manufacture of Reggio Emilia, comprising the primitivo village with the defense ditch, walls them and the bastions, laughed them to XIII the century, seppur constructed on previous piu' antichi insediamentie with successes to you participations. In medioevale age the history of I manufacture interlaces with that one of the Church and the Feudali Families of the territory which Of the Swamp, whose personage more important was Arduino, condottiero of Matilde di Canossa, therefore with that one of the Gonzaga, From Correggio and the Extensive ones. L'importanza of the fortified village is testified also from a painted map of 1500 to frescoes in Vatican. During XVI the century I manufacture was center comita them of prince Fabrizio from Correggio and the son of this Cosimo. Nell'ultimo fourth of the 1600 Extensive ones, duchi of Modena, of it completed the cession to the Guidotti Family that of was already in part owner. Paul Guidotti with the sons Giovanni and Tomaso, Treasurers of the Duca d'Este Rinaldo, used part of the buildings for l'industria of the silk, specializing themselves in the production of Damascus, activity that lasted to Manufactures until 1720. Subsequently the more ancient part of the complex came destined to agricultural use, while in 1854, Cesar provided itself to construct to l'imponente villa on design dell'architetto Coast, the same one that had planned the Communal Theatre of Reggio Emilia. The castle, still lived from the Guidotti Family, has been restored and some widths know them of open the late-medioevale period are hour for weddings, receptions, conferences, extensions and exposures.


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