Fall 2004 CRP 381- "Imagine Barton Hills"

Barton Hills Dr
Austin, TX 78704, US

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UTSOA-CRP Course-Integrated Community-Based Projects

Course & Offering:
CRP 381: Planning Processes & Practices
Fall Semester 2004

Faculty Member(s):
target="_blank">Prof. Patricia Wilson
TA: Mark Tirpak

Community Partner(s):
Barton Hills Neighborhood Association

Students designed a community workshop and facilitated house meetings in the Barton Hills neighborhood of Austin to help community members reflect on their neighborhood, envision its future, and prepare for participation in City of Austin Neighborhood Planning. Students also developed site analysis tools to help community members perceive their neighborhood in new ways. In addition, the project attempted to encourage youth involvement in neighborhood reflection and visioning through a drawing exercise administered by Barton Hills Elementary School.

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Student Site Analysis Tools

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description written by:
Mark Tirpak
September 2006