fenis castle

Fenis, Valle d'Aosta, IT

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The birth and first is made of development of the castle of Fénis continues to remain of the all disowned ones. To the extreme south-western appendix of that
splendid sequence of prati sweetly tilt to you that it is closed, to south, to the slopes of the mount Saint Julien, with the village of Pommier, the building occupy that one that seems very more the ideal positioning for the directional center of an agricultural company that not for one fortress. As in the case of Issogne it is enough immediate to ask itself if its more ancient origin cannot have been a roman rural villa, even if, with the exception of Issogne where this origin is testified archaeologically, null it allows to confirm that one that for hour remains one simple theoretical hypothesis. Of fact we ignore the history of the castle end beyond 1200, a lot that before those dates we cannot not assert of the existence. It must in fact come down beyond the beginning of XIII the century in order to find first citations of the castrum Fenitii that ago already part of the patrimony of the family of the visconti of Aosta, for the precision from 1242, until the mature phase of the lordship of Aimone di Challant, beyond 1330.
From March to the fine August: 9.00 - 19.30. From October to March: 10.00, 12,00 - 13,30, 16.30. For information: 0165 764263. The income e' only concurred with not advanced groups to the 25 persons.


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