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Foresta 's castle

Lagundo, Trentino-Alto Adige, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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In the communal territory of Lagundo, on be them that it leads in Val Venosta Castel rises Forest (Schloss Forst or Vorst), just beside the famous factory of Forst beer. In spite of the little apt position to the defense, it had a sure military importance as only fortilizio in skillful side dell'Adige for a good feature of they goes. Constructed in the first half of the '200 from a ministerial family of the accounts of equipped Tirolo and of cospicui land assets, the castle changed several times then the possessory ones. Its history made remarkable, all'infuori of the temporary one and forced stay in it of the knight d'avventura and trovatore Oswald di Wolkenstein in 1421, after its capture from part of some adversaries who then delivered duca to the Federico the Tascavuota to it, with which he it was in along and sour conflict. Restructured in the shapes it puts into effect them to the principle of the '500 from the Fuchs di Fuchsberg, the maniero passed after to the Brandis little that held it until 1860. Damaged from a restored fire in 1803 and towards the end of the slid century, it came in the years after the Second World War acquired from a local entrepreneur who of it made a hotel of historical character (closed hour). The cortiletto to logge it is colorful much and the atmospheres conserve many furnishings and pictures of baroque age.