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George Eastman House

900 East Ave
Rochester, NY 14607, US

Category: Labor Education

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Completed in 1905 as the residence of George Eastman, who pioneered the development of flexible film, this building became a photographic museum in 1947. With an addition built in 1989, the International Museum of Photography and Film houses thousands of historic cameras, over twenty thousand motion pictures, and 400,000 photographic prints and negatives. One of the most significant collections is that of Lewis Wickes Hine, a founder of social documentary photography. While best remembered today for his images of the construction of the Empire State Building, his work in the early 1900's for the Pittsburgh Survey and the National Child Labor Committee showing slums, sweatshops and young mill workers helped spur urban and child labor reform. The Museum also houses the Dryden Theatre where, since 1989, the Rochester Labor Council and the George Eastman House have jointly sponsored annual Labor Film Series featuring movies related to work and workers.


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