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Glen Research Corp

22825 Davis Drive
Sterling, VA 20164, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Glen Research Corp is engaged in the development and supply of products and techniques for use in DNA and RNA research.

Glen Research offers phosphoramidites and solid supports for the chemical synthesis, modification, labeling, and purification of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. The company has contributed to the development of a multitude of research techniques, including diagnostic probes after labeling with haptens or enzymes, attachment of oligos to solid supports for affinity chromatography or dot blot assays, and DNA sequencing. It also supports a variety of simple synthetic schemes, which include: preparation of phosphorothioates during routine synthesis using a sulfurization step in place of the routine oxidation step, use of H-phosphonate monomers to prepare phosphoramidate or phosphotriester linkages, and the production of methyl phosphonate linkages using methyl phosphonamidite monomers.

Glen Research produces biotin, fluorescein, psoralen, cholesterol, and DNP phosphoramidites. Its product categories include: Sterling, Other monomers, Minor bases, Modification, Labeling, RNA, Reagents, etc. Its products include: Sterling CE Phosphoramidites, Expediteâ„¢ Instruments, PolyPlex Instruments, Ultramild CE Phosphoramidites, HT RNA Phosphoramidites, LC RNA Phosphoramidites, Biotin Labeling, Fluorescein Labeling, DyLightâ„¢ Dyes, Terminus Modifiers, Fluoro-Pakâ„¢ Purification, etc.

Glen Research has partnership with TriLink BioTechnologies Inc.