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Global Research Services, LLC

2101 Gaither Rd., Suite 450
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Clinical Trials Services (CRO); R&D Services

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Global Research Services, LLC is a contract research organization specialized in cardiovascular and metabolic pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and medical devices. It is a division of GRSworldwide LLC. The company was founded by Bruce N. Garrett, Sandra S. Garrett, and Julie Garrett, with a mission to utilize rigorous scientific and research methodologies that ensure the protection of human subjects and comply with international regulations in order to achieve high-quality results. Its vision is to provide clinical research and development services that produce new drugs, medical devices, and treatments, primarily in the cardiovascular, renal and metabolic arenas, which improve health, quality of life, and may ultimately save lives.

Global Research Services offer services such as: Development Plans / Commercialization Solutions, Protocol Development / Case Report Design, Study Start-Up, Project Management, Site Management, Data Management/ Private Label Reserve, Drug Safety, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Affairs.

Global Research Services has alliances with CORRONA, Inc. and CardioDynamics International Corporation.