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GlobaleMed LLC

1101 King Street, Suite 370
Alexandria, VA, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging

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GlobaleMed LLC provides a comprehensive solution for medical diagnostic test products and laboratory needs by offering advanced technology, flexible purchasing, rapid delivery and superior technical support through its GlobaleMED system. The company develops its own line of rapid immunodiagnostic products, enabling GlobaleMed to provide its customers with a range of highly cost effective products for quantitative and point-of-care testing of human medical conditions and infectious diseases.

GlobaleMed products incorporate modern technology in open flexible formats that utilize genetically engineered techniques to diagnose infectious diseases such as Cholera, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and various sexually transmitted diseases, and are also used in the areas of reproductive health, viral and bacterial infectious diseases, gastrointestinal, hormones, cancer, cardiac, autoimmune disorders and for therapeutic drug treatment and drug abuse testing.

GlobaleMed's products include Infectious Disease Tests - Smart Check(TM) HIV Test, Smart Check(TM) Anti-HCV, Smart Check(TM) HBsAg Test; Tropical Disease Tests - Smart Check(TM) Dengue IgG/IgM 3, Smart Check Malaria(TM) Pf, Smart Check(TM) Strip VL; Sexually Transmitted Disease Tests - Smart Check(TM) Syphilis test, Smart Check(TM) Chlamydia Test, Smart Check(TM) Gonorrhea Test etc; Women Health - Smart Check(TM) hCG Test, Smart Check(TM) LH (Ovulation) Test, The Smart Check(TM) FSH Test etc; Gastrointestinal Test; Cardiac Marker Tests - Smart Check(TM) Myoglobin Test and Smart Check(TM) Troponin I test; Cancer Markers Tests - Smart Check(TM) PSA Test and Smart Check / Strip PSA Test; Drugs Of Abuse Tests - Smart Check(TM) alcohol strips and Smart Check(TM) Device/Cup/Strip/Panel Drugs.

GlobaleMed has collaborations with Caldon Biotech Inc., Joint Purchasing Corporation etc.