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Gorzone 's Castle

Via Castello
Darfo Boario Terme, Lombardia 25047, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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Located in the historical center of Gorzone, fraction of Darfo Boario Terme, the castle is in a strategic position just to defense of the territory that connects the Vallecamonica to Goes them of Scalve. The construction of the complex comes made to go back to the first decades of 1300, that is to the period of greater power of the Federici family that realized it and it possessed it until the half of 1800. To the outside its aspect is particularly austere, while to the inside the remarkable architectonic solutions of it demonstrate the wealth. The main access is constituted from the portale in sandstone, with acute arc to sixth light one, than conserve in serraglia the imperial Aquila, with to right the coat of arms of the Scaligeri and on the left the coat of arms of the Federici. The riquadro painted over the portale, containing the coat of arms of the Federici, it is of later age. To the inside we find a large one androne covered from once to cruise with two arched that they are opened on the first courtyard, interesting one for the presence, to flat earth, of arched supported from columns in sandstone with capitelli of remarkable refinement. To the first plan, on the side the west, beyond to the loggia quattrocentesca two finestrelle late gotiche are still present, while on the side north and east a balcony in wood closed from balustrade carved can be admired with piastrini to viola. The atmospheres that show oneself to the first courtyard are characterize you to the flat earth from a great kitchen from which it was approached two galleries, today not practicable, that they carried one to the river and the other in one house of the below village. Large-scale leads to the halls with painted walls to rinascimentali reasons. Of remarkable interest the careened time of the first hall, the sitting to side of the windows strombate and the doors still coupled originate them with structure building to large tan and the two fireplaces one with Frederic the Great coat of arms and one scaligero date to you 1495. According to courtyard it can be approached is from the first one, is from the sopraccitato seicentesco portale.