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Grumello's Castle

Via Fosse
Grumello del Monte, Lombardia 24064, IT
Phone: 035/4420817 cell 348/3036243-Fax: 035/4420817

Category: Villa&Castle

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The Castle of Grumello dominates the borgo of Grumello of the Mountain and its vineyards, in the heart of the Valcalepio, binds hill between Bergamo and the lake d’Iseo. It was built likely around the one thousand one like military stronghold provided of a tower d’sighting, given its strategic position. The Castle ebbe in fact for all of the medieval age you work of observatory, defended and ricetto of the population of the country, that shelter during crashes could find yourselves and wars. Proprietor was of it the community of guided Grumello from the you Comfort some borgo. Of this period remain the tower, with merlatura guelfa, the room of the body of guard with time to crossbrace, the prisons and the large cellars from the ceiling to time, where hour ripen the wines of the held Castle of Grumello.


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