Guarene castle

Via Alessandro Roero
Guarene, Italy/Piedmont
Phone. +39 0173611101-cell. +39 3334123224

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Carl Giacinto Roero di Guarene is one of the more representative figures of the society and the piemontese culture of the first half of the 1700's. Official sabaudo, participates to the culminated military campaign in besieges and in Battaglia of Turin of 1706, of which she leaves testimony in letter tens that offer one new and most human reading of the war and of I besiege. Subsequently left the military service, dedication to the architecture, the limbs, music, nonchè to the entrepreneurial activity and the works of beneficence. In the recurrence of the trecentesimo anniversary of Battaglia of Turin, he arches it you of the Castle of Guarene open themselves in order to offer for before the time to public documents and the cimeli of the personage and its castle.
Festive Sundays and from the 17,09 to the 29.10.06 Timetable: 10.00 - 12,30/14,30 - 18.00 In the period, beyond to festive and Sundays, the visits on reservation for groups (minimal 20 persons)


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