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HeMemics Biotechnology, Inc

9700 Great Seneca Highway Suite 156
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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HeMemics Biotechnologies, Inc. (HBI) is a product development and manufacturing company that provides in-vitro reagents to the health care and pharma industries.

HeMemics' HBI HeMeDri(TM) technology can provide desiccated proteins, cells and thin tissues (biologics), in dried or semi-dried format, for ease of transportation and storage. The biologics are maintained and preserved in the desiccated state and functions return upon reconstitution.

HeMemics offers the following products and services: Desiccated cells available for research and evaluation purposes, Desiccated red blood cells for research and Desiccated red blood cells for standards and quality control; Product and Process development using HeMeDri(TM) technology platform to stabilize temperature sensitive biologics - Needs analysis, Specification development, Customized products and processes to stabilize temperature sensitive products for transportation and distribution, and Process optimization. The company's products include: HeMeDri(TM) H-RBC, HeMeDri(TM) P-RBC, HeMeDri(TM) B-RBC and HeMeDri(TM) 96 well plates with CHO cells.