Hot Ditch

Bishop, California, USA

Category: Hot Springs-soakable

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GPS GeoCoords: 37.256908, -118.372493

The information below refers to Hot Ditch, created, I believe, from the run off from Keogh Hot Springs (which is a private hot springs up the road). I will leave the description below until I can get it corrected . . . and then add an entry for the real Keough Hot Springs.

Keough Hot Springs (aka Mammoth Hot Springs) comprises of a short narrow creek feed by several upstream sources.

To find Keough Hot Springs is very simple and the side road (what was the old U.S. 395) literally crosses over it, making access very direct and easy for those of limited physical capabilities. Traveling the current U.S. 395 approximately 7 miles south of Bishop, look for a small road crossing which is easily identified by a small highway sign posted in both directions reading Keough Hot Springs Road.

Turn west on Keough Hot Springs Road and drive approximately 6/10ths of a mile to the only paved road (old U.S. 395); turn right (north) and go about 300 yards to where the creek passes under the roadbed. There will likely be other vehicles parked there to identify the spot. The main creek area is to the west side of the road with a couple soaking pools located on the east side. Access is open all year. Nudity is usually optional only after dark.