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Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.

11491 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, VA, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc. provides instruments and services available for the identification, measurement and control of the products that appears to the human eye. The company was founded in 1952 by Richard Hunter.

HunterLab's product portfolio includes Benchtop color measurement systems like spectrophotometer and colorimeter systems; On-line instruments like SpectraProbe XE, ColorTrend HT & ColorQuest OL; Portable systems like MiniScan EZ and software like EasyMatch QC, EasyGroup, EasyMatch Coatings, etc . The company's spectrometers include UltraScan® PRO, UltraScan VIS, LabScan® XE, ColorQuest® XE, ColorQuest® XT and ColorFlex®. It's UltraScan® VIS is a visible-range high-performance color measurement spectrophotometer that measures the full range of human color perception.

HunterLab's on-line instruments provide continuous, real-time measurement of the product on a process line. The company's EasyMatch QC software gives flexibility to process, display, analyze and report color measurement results.

HunterLab has accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification.