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IGENE Biotechnology Inc

9110 Red Branch Road
Columbia, MD, USA

Category: Nutraceuticals, Vitamins, Supplements, Food Products

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IGENE Biotechnology Inc is focused on the development, production and marketing of natural astaxanthin for human and animal nutrition. It was founded in 1981 by Robert Austin Milch and William T. Hall. The company's vision is to focus on high growth markets and seek high growth rate in terms of turnover and shareholder value.

IGENE's natural astaxanthin is used primarily as a source of pigment in fish feed for salmonids, but is also used in applications for feed to shrimp, poultry and coloring of egg yolk. It has a focused R&D program with the goal of developing new ground breaking ingredients within feed and nutraceuticals field. Through the use of state-of-the-art fermentation technology, physical and chemical separation technology, and related chemical and biochemical engineering technologies, the company has developed proprietary processes to convert selected agricultural raw materials into commercially useful, cost effective, and environmentally friendly natural alternatives to synthetic products.

IGENE provides research and development services for microbial strain improvement and fermentation process development and scale up from shake flask, to pilot plant, to commercial sized fermentors. The company also provides analytical chemistry services for identification and quantization of carotenoids in foods, feeds, and animal tissues, including verification of wild versus farm raised salmonids.

IGENE has formed joint venture with Archer Daniels Midland.