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Innovative Biosensors, Inc.

15601 Crabbs Branch Way
Rockville, MD 20855, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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Innovative Biosensors, Inc. develops and manufactures rapid testing systems for the detection of pathogens.

IBI's biosensor technology allows for rapid identification of analytes at previously unseen levels of sensitivity and specificity. Its technology is built upon a foundation of a genetically engineered biosensor that allows for extremely rapid testing of analytes, providing high levels of sensitivity and specificity. In addition, the biosensors can be engineered to detect one target or several targets of interest simultaneously and used to perform a wide variety of bioassays.

IBI's technology has been commercialized as BioFlash® for the environmental detection of biothreat pathogens. Additionally, it is developing the biosensor technology in a clinical instrument format beginning with the detection of infectious diseases. Its BioFlash(TM) system is based on the CANARY(TM) (Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields) technology- a diagnostic technology.

IBI has collaborations with American Type Culture Collection, Universal Detection Technology, BioVigilant Systems, Inc, Cambrex Corporation, National Institutes of Health, US Army and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.