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IRAZU Biodiscovery, LLC

801 West Baltimore Street, Suite 401
Baltimore, MD, USA

Category: Nutraceuticals, Vitamins, Supplements, Food Products

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IRAZU Biodiscovery, LLC (IB) discovers and develops nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals that mimic the age-decelerating effects of caloric restriction (CR). The company was founded in 2000.

IRAZU has discovered biochemical trigger mechanism that involved searching for an upstream metabolic trigger, a biochemical "switch" that would turn on events at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ levels to induce CR-protective benefits. Caloric restriction (CR) is defined as the practice of undernutrition without malnutrition. It is recognized as the only paradigm that has been demonstrated through experimentation not only to extend life span in a variety of species, but to decelerate the onset of age-associated diseases. CR has been shown in repeated experiments to extend mean and maximum life span, decelerate the rate of aging, and inhibit the onset of a number of life-shortening diseases in laboratory animals. The biological mechanism involved in CR protection will provide the means of retarding chronic disease and extending maximum life span in humans.

IRAZU's discovery led to the economic impact on health care and its commercial value would be substantial, with its applications in geriatric medicine, preventive medicine, sports medicine, surgery, and national defense.