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Kalen Biomedical, LLC

19640 Club House Road, Suite 415
Montgomery Village, MD 20886, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Kalen Biomedical, LLC is a biotechnology company focused on the production of essential products for cardiovascular research.
Kalen supplies lipoprotein depleted serum media supplement for specialized cell cultures. Its lipoprotein product line includes: native human lipoproteins and oxidized and acetylated low density lipoproteins (LDL). The company's lipoprotein probes offer the convenience of fluorescence or biotin labeled LDL. Its Human Lipoprotein products include: Human Very Low Density Lipoprotein, Human Low Density Lipoprotein, Human High Density Lipoprotein, Oxidized Human Low Density Lipoprotein, Human MultiPoint Ox LDL Kit, Acetylated Human Low Density Lipoprotein, etc.

Kalen has agreements with Nueva Empressa Europea De Distribucion S.L., MingRui Biotech Co., Ltd. Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd., and Precision Technologies Pte Ltd.