Katie Cayton

Mobile, Alabama, US

Category: Curly Owner

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I have a beautiful, gentle, and charismatic curly gelding available for anyone wishing to test their allergies out on him. I can bathe him before if that is requested. I have anaphylactic allergies to "regular" horses, despite having owned several for most of my life, and my curly gives me absolutely no issues whatsoever, without taking any allergy medications. (I get more itchy eyes from the gnats than from the horse lol). I do ask that if you have an EpiPen, to please bring it along just in case! If anything should happen to trigger your allergies, I am about 10-15 minutes from the nearest emergency room, and there is a volunteer fire dept just down the road for fast ambulance response time if needed. I am NOT responsible for any injuries or costs associated with any visits!