Knights of Labor HQ (1895)

4 1/2 & Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20003, US

Category: Labor Organizations - historic

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DC Labor Map

Founded in 1869, the Knights of Labor was America's first national labor organization. 12,000 locals included workers in all trades/occupations, both skilled and unskilled, women and men, and blacks as well as whites. Its national office moved from Philadelphia to Washington in 1895, to this site already used by KOL District Assembly 66, which represented (?#) of Local Assemblies in Washington from 18?? to 18??. In 1891, DA 66 represented bakers, carpenters and joiners, clerks, machinists, molders, musicians, painters, paperhangers, plasterers, plate printers, tailors, tinners, book binders, butchers, coachmakers and plumbers. (Jon Garlock)