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Labor Temple

69 & 71 N Fitzhugh Street
Rochester, NY 14614, US

Category: Meeting Site

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Rochester Labor History eMap

From 1909 through 1932 the central labor council anticipated moving to a building to be built by the Labor Temple Association on land purchased on this site.
In May, 1915 The Labor Herald published an architectural rendering of the proposed Labor Temple along with article whose author anticipated the exultation of Rochester Labor “as it marches thousands strong ... next Labor Day” to “such a headquarters and social center building as City Labor has dreamed of and longed for,”... “A fitting monument to the Sacrifice and Unity of the Local Movement.” The reader was taken on a tour of the entire Labor Temple — its offices for union reps, reading rooms and library, eleven lodge rooms, banquet room and kitchen, ladies’ parlor, and an 1000 capacity assembly hall with balcony, stage and ante-rooms, etc. Atop the Temple’s ornamental facade would be placed an emblem of two clasped hands and the words “8 HOURS.”
Though the land was fully paid for, construction of the Labor Temple was postponed because of WWI and then the post-war depression. Meanwhile the Carpenters purchased the property of the Shoe Workers just up the block at 113 North Fitzhugh and immediately remodeled it; by the end of 1925 Carpenters Hall had been dedicated and was booking unions into its meeting halls. When the Labor Council had to vacate Reynold’s Arcade in 1932 they abandoned efforts to build the Labor Temple and rented space at Carpenters Hall.


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