Lapin Curly Talli

Armi & Bertta Laaksonen
Raattama, Kittilä, Lapland, Finland

Category: Curly Breeder

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Curly Horses Around The World

I own over 20 curly horses. Lapin Curly Talli is the finish name of a horse ranch. The name can be translated as “Curly Horse Ranch in Lapland”. On the ranch they are breeding American Bashkir Curly horses. There you can experience the exotic Lappish nature in its natural splendid beau ty by riding a calm and curly American Bashkir Curly horse. A horseback riding tour can take from an hour to several days according to your own wish. Tours are led through the beautiful arctic hill and fell sceneries where you may encounter wild reindeers. Visitors can stay village accommodation services.