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LifeTech Research, Inc.

3962 Germantown Road, Suite 1A
Edgewater, MD, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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LifeTech Research, Inc., (LTR) is an independent consulting firm that provides clients with proprietary and highly customized analyses of emerging biomedical technologies, companies, and markets. The company was founded by Joel B. Braunstein and Ilana Fogelman in 2003, with a mission to distill data, information, and trends into clear, specific, and actionable insights. Its vision is to provide the best due-diligence research in the biomedical community.

LifeTech Research has extensive expertise in the design, analysis, and interrogation of clinical trials, including pharmaceutical, biologics, and device registration trials. It is committed in providing client-tailored research of a depth, quality and focus not found elsewhere. The company analyses encompass all phases of the product life cycle, from the conception of an idea, to preclinical and clinical testing, through reimbursement and global marketplace positioning. Its Report Store(TM) is a repository of research reports that are available for online purchase. Each provides an in-depth analysis of a single product or class of products in development within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device or diagnostics industries. The company's product Rx Vigilance(TM) consists of unique statistical, epidemiological, and clinical analyses of spontaneous adverse event data reported to the FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO) for marketed products.

LifeTech Research's services enable institutions to benefit from the expertise of a select team of industry authorities and their exclusive clinical, regulatory, and policy insights. Its customized due-diligence services evaluate: 1) Basic medical and scientific merits of novel products, 2) Quality of publicly reported preclinical and clinical trial data, 3) Outcome scenarios and probabilistic estimates of upcoming key events, 4) Clinical trial methodology and statistical analyses, 5) Regulatory strategy and risk 6) Competition, 7) Policies affecting third-party payer coverage and market demand, 8) Macroeconomic and political factors, and 9) Product safety in the context of overall cost-effectiveness.