Malcolm X Park (aka Meridian Hill Park)

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According to Jessica Kadylak in the Washingtonian, “A leader of the Black United Front began referring to the park in honor of the civil-rights leader on the one-year anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., says Simone Moffett, cultural-resource specialist for Rock Creek Park…. DC resi-dents later voted for the name to be officially changed to Malcolm X. A bill to change the name was introduced to Congress in January 1970, says Moffett, but didn’t pass.”
The name and the controversy surrounding it represents a radical history in and of itself. Over the last couple of decades alone, there has been a tremen-dous number of protests that have taken place here and many marches have started here. From anti-war, anti-corporate globalization, women’s and civil rights protests to rallies against the drug war, for amnesty for political prisoners and for immigration reform. Many May Day rallies in recent years have been focused on the latter. This park has played host to hundreds of protests. We are contributing to a rich radical history surrounding this park as we speak.
- Fhar Miess